The Vadlo Systems   team is well-versed with developing solutions on the Microsoft Technology stack. We have a pool of architects and developers who have rich and varied experience on different Microsoft technologies. In addition, they are familiar with most of the devops tools and well acquainted with best practices in software development.

Product Development –
• Design and Build applications for enterprise or SAAS deployment.
• Service oriented architecture using WCF and REST Services.
• Web applications based on ASP .Net and MVC.
• Front end rich UI applications using WPF, Silverlight and Windows Forms
• Extensibility and integration using SOA (service oriented architecture).

Database applications / analytics -  
Vadlo Systems  expertise in Analytics using Microsoft technologies encompasses:
• Analytics and data mining using SQL Server Analysis services.
• Reporting using SQL Server Reporting Services.
• Building SQL Data tier applications.

Integration and Migration -
In an Enterprise environment, it is expected that applications consume and publish both services and data for external applications running on independent stacks. Prorigo has expertise in integrating various standard integrations with external ERP, CRM or other similar enterprise applications.
• Integration with external CRM applications like SalesForce, MS Dynamics and Oracle CRM.
• Integration with PLM systems like Enovia.
• Integration with desktop applications from Microsoft Office Suite.
• Integration with custom applications on any stack - Cross platform integrations using web services or other standard integration techniques.
• Integration with legacy applications using COM/C++ and Visual Basic.
• Source code porting from unmanaged code bases to managed code bases (e.g. C++ to .Net).

Java is one of the most popular programming platforms, with application footprint across desktop, web & mobile. Java technology forms the backbone of most of the enterprise applications, and expands the frontier in new application domains. Keeping pace with these advancements and leveraging them in a sustainable manner is quite a challenge.
Vadlo Systems   brings in unique expertise on various facets of Java technologies, gathered from multiple end to end developments for different enterprise systems, web applications, and mobile applications. Our Java consultants can assist in various capacities viz. exploration & advice on new frameworks, architectural definition, new application development & testing, legacy application migration, etc.

Application development -
• Servlets, JSP, HTML/Javascript
• Advanced cross browser UI development using HTML5/CSS and JQuery
• Applet, Swing and AWT based development
• Web Services API development
• Mobile client development

Frameworks -
• MVC frameworks like Ofbiz, Struts, Springs
• Hibernate
• UI development using frameworks like Tapestry, GWT

Application servers -
• Apache Tomcat
• IBM websphere
• JBOss
• Geronimo

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